8 Tips to Manage Plantar Fasciitis Pain at Home

Jul 31, 2022

Are your morning commutes ruined by heel pain and stiffness? Perhaps you’re a keen runner whose training schedule is disrupted by bouts of heel pain? Whatever your age or lifestyle, heel pain is most likely the result of plantar fasciitis, a frustrating condition affecting around 1% of the US population. 

The only way to be sure you’ve got plantar fasciitis is to visit a local medical facility, such as the Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma. However, it’s worth noting that common symptoms of plantar fasciitis include: 

  • Pain that subsides during exercise and returns after periods of rest.
  • Difficulty raising your toes from the floor.
  • A swollen heel.
  • Pain around the bottom of the heel and arch of the foot.

Most people with plantar fasciitis develop the condition by overusing the foot and lower leg, making it a common complaint among athletes! 

I Think I’ve got Plantar Fasciitis! What’s Next?

If your heel pain is relatively mild, you may be able to treat your symptoms at home by following these simple tips:

1. Rest

We know that taking time off from your workout regime can be upsetting and frustrating, particularly if you’re a running addict. However, scheduling some downtime is vital if you want to give your poor feet a rest and avoid worsening your plantar fasciitis. 

2. Stretches

Stretching your arches, calf muscles, and Achilles tendons can help speed up recovery and prevent a recurrence. Why not make a habit of doing plantar fasciitis stretches every morning? Trust us – your heels will thank you for it!

3. Invest in Supportive Shoes

Ill-fitting shoes can trigger bouts of plantar fasciitis or worsen existing symptoms. To give your feet the best chances of recovery, invest in footwear with low heels, robust arch support, and premium shock absorption features.

Old pair of shoes

4. Replace Old Footwear

Do you continue to wear shoes purchased many years ago? We’ve got bad news for you. No matter how much you love that pair of vintage Nikes, shoes that have traveled over 500 miles tend to offer poor support and cushioning. So, treat yourself to a shiny new pair. You’re worth it!

5. Cross-Training

Incorporating a few low-impact activities such as yoga, swimming, or walking into your workout routine will reduce strain on your feet and boost your chances of beating plantar fasciitis.

6. Ice

Indulging your feet with a regular ice massage will help to reduce pain and inflammation caused by plantar fasciitis. 

7. Medication

If you struggle to cope with the pain associated with plantar fasciitis, taking pain-relieving medications can help to reduce discomfort and inflammation. However, we urge you to discuss your options with our experts before taking new medication. We’ll ensure you take a dosage that suits your needs!

8. Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy weight will reduce stress and pressure on your plantar fascia. If you’re unsure where to start, book an appointment with your primary care doctor for helpful advice about losing weight in a healthy way. 

Struggling With Fasciitis Treatment at Home? We’re Here to Help!

While some people manage to relieve aching heels at home, others are unable to rid themselves of persistent or intense pain. If this sounds like you, don’t fret. The Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma provides quick, gentle, and effective care for a range of foot and ankle issues. 

For heel pain, we have some different options for treatment. One of the best options we provide is our EPAT shockwave therapy. Our office currently has the STORZ DActor-200 Shockwave Device. This therapy will blast away your heel pain through shockwaves applied to your feet!

Our office is located in Oklahoma City. Don’t hesitate to get in touch at (405) 418-2676 if you’d like to schedule an appointment or discuss your options. Alternatively, consult our convenient online form to leave a message for our friendly team.

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