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Feb 18, 2019



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Almost all insurances cover diabetic shoes including Medicare.  Dr. Darren Elenburg can help you get the footwear your feet deserve! Come see our selection; they aren’t the ugly orthopedic shoes you may imagine! Just look at some of them below.  We will measure your feet, custom make the inserts, order, fit them to you when they arrive, and even check up on you to ensure they are doing well.  If there are any issues, we even return them or reorder something different free of charge to you.  You don’t have to do a thing other than show up!

If you have any of the following, then Medicare pays for your footwear:

A.) previous amputation of the other foot or part of either foot

B.) history of previous foot ulcer

C.) history of pre-ulcerative calluses of either foot

D.) peripheral neuropathy with evidence of callus formation of either foot

E.) foot deformity of either foot

F.) poor circulation in either foot

We can help you identify any of the above factors to ensure you are covered!

So, what’s the difference between a regular shoe and a diabetic shoe?  At first glance many look just like regular shoes.  A variety of styles are available like dress, athletic and even work boots, including steel toe if needed!  They are made to fit inserts that can be removed and exchanged so that when you wear those inserts out, they can be replaced.  The inserts can be custom made to support the feet and reduce pressure on areas that are causing problems.  We can control foot motion better with the custom-made inserts and THIS MEANS COMFORT!

Take a look at just some of the variety you can have:



Taking care of your feet should be top priority on your to-do list. And, you should start by wearing the right kind of footwear!  This is your foundation!  This is where your mobility and ability to move around and enjoy the world begins.  If your feet are numb, it is even more critical to pay attention!

Wearing improper shoes means lack of protection of your feet.  So, more optimal support, cushion and optimal fit are the reasons we want to help you avoid a problem.  Come see Dr. Darren Elenburg at the Foot and Ankle Center of Oklahoma to understand how we can help you avoid a problem.

Taking care of your feet is an essential aspect of treating diabetes and is undervalued and usually goes overlooked.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your feet!

I can tell you from experience, patients miss them when they are gone or have chronic problems!

A great and simple way to proactively manage and prevent your diabetes-related foot problems is to always wear appropriate footwear that provide you with comfort, support, and protection. This is true for all diabetic patients, no matter how well controlled your blood sugars are.

So, keep reading our blog to find out more information on what to look for when purchasing your diabetic shoes and how we can help you take a step in the right direction.

The Perfect Diabetic Shoe

Professionally fitted shoes help avoid foot problems like calluses, ulcers, blisters, and lack of support.

Dr. Darren Elenburg recommends all diabetics understand properly fitted footwear and consider diabetic shoes in order to manage and prevent problems.

Armed with these tips, we certainly hope you come see us to get your diabetic shoes. But, if you are still uncertain about the topic and would like to have a little more guidance – there is no need to panic.

Dr. Elenburg and his team can help determine what is right for you!

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Here at Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma, we understand that finding the perfect diabetic shoe to fit your feet comfortably and stylishly can sometimes be frustrating. While there are many appropriate shoes available in department stores, you may wish to consider custom shoes, particularly if you have any foot deformities like flat feet.

So, if you live with diabetes and need help, then we are here for you! Just give us a call at 405.418.2676

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