Bunion Treatment Options

After conservative procedures have been tried, it may be time to consider fixing your bunion with surgery. We will discuss your bunion treatment options carefully, including healing times and what you can expect with regard to outcomes of the surgery. You can find comfort in the fact that Dr. Elenburg and Dr. Knight have the experience, knowledge, and skill to successfully handle this for you. Foot surgery can be a nuisance, but we are here to help you do the right thing for your feet!

Lapiplasty Bunion Surgery

In a Lapiplasty Procedure, the unstable bone is rotated back into its correct, standard position. We do not cut the bones during this surgery.

Once in place, two small, anatomically shaped titanium plates are secured against the joint. This supports the joint from different angles, which provides a high level of stabilization that is much more likely to keep the joint from shifting again.

The ultimate goals of the surgery are the elimination of the bump and pain relief. This helps return you to normalcy.

miniBunion Bunion Surgery

miniBunion is a minimally invasive bunion surgery that aims to improve traditional osteotomy (such as chevron bunionectomy) procedures.

The miniBunion procedure only requires a small (approximately 1.5 cm) incision made along the side of the foot, instead of a large open incision on the top of the foot that exposes the entire joint.

This procedure is a great option that is appropriate for many types of bunions and specifically cases with a top priority of a speedy recovery.

Which Bunion Treatment Option is Right for Me?

At the Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma, our doctors are trained in different bunion surgical procedures. Each type of surgery has pros and cons, so we will always discuss all relevant options with you and make a recommendation that we think will be best for your individual circumstances.

Regardless of your circumstances, it’s always best to contact us as early as possible about a bunion—even before you start experiencing pain. The sooner you seek help, the more options (including non-surgical) you have available to find relief.

If you are experiencing issues from bunions, be sure to call our office today at (405) 418-2676, or request an appointment online.

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