From routine foot care to specialized treatments and surgery, Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma is well equipped to handle all your podiatric needs.  

Please find more information about many of the conditions we treat below. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at (405) 418-2676. We will be happy to help you find answers!

Diabetic Foot Care

Consistent foot care for individuals with diabetes is crucial for long-term health of the feet and the entire body. Proper management of diabetes and its related complications can keep serious problems from developing.


Heel Pain

Heel pain is one of the most common problems that come through our doors, and one we have many options for treating. If you have had consistent heel pain and nothing you have tried works, don’t wait any longer. Get to the root of the problem and find the relief you need!


Foot Deformities

No matter how long you have had a bunion, hammertoe, or other foot abnormality, there is almost always something that can be done to treat or manage uncomfortable symptoms. From conservative to surgical options, we can help you find the best course of action for your needs.


Sports Injuries

Whether from sudden impacts or pushing yourself too hard, a sports injury can threaten to sideline your game for quite a while. We are committed toward treatments and advice that will get athletes back to form as quickly as possible without risking further injury.


Skin and Nail Conditions

What’s troubling you on the surface? From painful ingrown nails to bothersome warts, we can help your skin and nails return to their clear and comfortable state.


#1 for Foot and Ankle Treatment in Oklahoma City

We look forward to seeing you, either at our main office in Oklahoma City or at our satellite office in Edmond. Our practice accepts most insurance (IMOs, PPOs, other health plans) and also participates with CareCredit, a medical financing credit card program.

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