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A strong building requires a solid foundation. If some part of the foundation is sagging, weak, or generally insufficient, the rest of the building will be compromised. You must bolster the foundation to fix the building.

Your feet are your body’s foundation, and the same concept applies—when your feet are weak or have biomechanical problems, you risk pain and injuries in your lower limbs as well as elsewhere in your body, like your knees, hips, and back. Supporting your lower limbs can help you improve your foot function and eliminate pain, which is where custom orthotics come in.

What Are Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are special shoe inserts designed to help support and cushion your feet. They are specifically designed to fit your foot shape and biomechanical needs, adjusting how your feet stand and strike the ground. This adjustment can help your lower limbs function the way they’re meant to and better handle pressure. Heel pain, flatfoot pain, overpronation issues, and more can all benefit from the added support.

Because custom orthotics have to be made to fit your unique feet and biomechanical needs, they are prescribed and designed by experienced podiatrists. They come in a few different types as well: accommodative and functional. Accommodative orthotics provide additional cushioning to relieve pain from excessive pressure and basic support issues. Functional orthotics control abnormal motion in your feet to correct biomechanical problems. These customized inserts are made from durable materials and created to last through the wear and tear of your life and activities.

Orthotics vs. Basic Insoles

Now, you probably have seen shoe inserts at a local department store or pharmacy that you could buy off a shelf. These prefabricated insoles are not the same as custom orthotics. They are pre-made, inexpensive insoles that are designed for average feet and needs based on foot sizes. For minor foot soreness or basic support needs, they can be very helpful in providing a little extra cushioning and shock absorption. Because they are not designed for your unique needs, however, they cannot correct biomechanical issues. They tend to be made from less-durable materials as well, so they will need to be replaced sooner.

Getting the Best Insert for Your Feet

Whether you need custom orthotics or can use the pre-fabricated, over-the-counter models will depend entirely on your unique needs and how you intend to use the insoles. Our team at Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma will examine your lower limbs and your biomechanics to help you determine what kind of insole will best fit your needs. To make custom orthotics, we will need to take a cast of your feet to create an insert that fits your exact foot shape. The custom insole will then be fabricated with soft, rigid, or semi-rigid, long-lasting materials to provide your lower limbs with the support and cushioning they require.

Sometimes feet need a little extra support to function at their best. Custom orthotics stabilize faulty biomechanical issues and help feet better deal with excessive pressure and shock. Let our specialists at Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma help you identify your biomechanical needs and get customized orthotics designed specifically for you, so you don’t have to live with foot pain. Contact our office in Oklahoma City today through our website or by calling (405) 418-2676 for more information or to make an appointment.

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