Fluid Flow for Pain Relief and Recovery

Fluid Flow is an advanced treatment we might recommend for patients who have been struggling with persistent foot or heel pain, or who are seeking a more effective recovery from sports injuries and similar conditions.

Fluid Flow is covered by Medicare and many Medicare replacement insurance plans, including Humana. 

What is Fluid Flow?

BioLab Fluid Flow is a form of regenerative medicine, meaning that it uses the body’s naturally produced elements and responses to aid in pain relief and healing.

The treatment is made from amniotic fluid found within the placenta, which contains growth factors and other essential materials our bodies need to effectively self-repair. The fluid is injected into the site of an injury or pain for the most direct results. 

Fluid Flow does not include any unnatural drugs, nor does it contain steroids.

Who May Benefit from Fluid Flow Treatment?

Fluid Flow can be an effective means of regenerative treatment for patients whose symptoms are based on soft tissue injuries, such as the plantar fascia or Achilles tendon. We might recommend it for:

Fluid Flow might be recommended as a sole treatment or may be combined with other methods, depending on the type and severity of the condition being treated.

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Is Fluid Flow Safe? Is it Ethical?

Fluid Flow is derived from amniotic fluid, but that does not mean its creation poses any danger to a child or mother whatsoever.

Amniotic fluid is collected from mothers who voluntarily consent to it, and only gathered following a scheduled C-section. This material would typically be discarded following the arrival of a child, but can now be used to provide treatment and relief to others.

All materials gathered and processed for Fluid Flo are rigorously tested and carefully controlled to ensure they meet or exceed all standard and federal guidelines for safety.

What Should I Expect from Fluid Flow Treatment?

Typically, only one injection of Fluid Flow is necessary, but some cases might benefit from a repeat treatment. 

There is no preparation or aftercare required around a Fluid Flow treatment. You simply receive your injection and can continue with your day.

You might feel soreness in the injection area for up to a week and potentially a little longer. This is the body’s natural inflammation response, which is perfectly normal and helpful to the recovery process. You should avoid using anti-inflammatory medicines during this period.

Improved pain relief is typically felt following the above period, and up to 6-8 weeks should be provided for full results. We may recommend reductions in certain activities and/or an increase in cardiovascular exercise to aid the treatment.

Find the Foot and Ankle Treatment You Need

Fluid Flow is just one of many treatment options provided at Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma, all designed to meet patients’ different conditions and needs. 

If persistent heel pain or other problems have been getting in the way of life, address them sooner than later. Schedule an appointment by giving us a call or by filling out our online contact form


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