Foot Pain Management

Pain is never normal. It’s a sign that something is wrong and needs to be fixed.

Yet for millions of Americans, pain is a daily reality. The CDC estimates that around 70 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and for about 20 million the pain is so severe it inhibits them from participating in major life activities such as work, hobbies, and even self-care.

At the Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma, we see the effect that foot and ankle pain can have on someone’s quality of life, up close, on an almost daily basis. That’s why we make it a priority to provide our patients with several of the latest, safest, and most effective pain-relieving treatments currently available.

This includes:

Shockwave Therapy

Also known as extracorporeal pulse activation treatment (EPAT), shockwave therapy is an advanced treatment that uses energy pulses to trigger healing reactions in damaged tissues: improved circulation, improved cellular metabolism, breakup of scar tissue, and more.

Pulses are generated by a small machine and distributed into your body via a handheld probe that is touched to the skin above the painful area. It’s completely non-invasive and should cause minimal if any discomfort.

Most people require around three sessions, spaced out every one to two weeks. Sessions are typically less than 20 minutes.

Learn more about our shockwave therapy system here.

BioLab Fluid Flow

Fluid Flow is an injection-based regenerative medicine therapy derived from human amniotic liquid. This fluid contains essential growth factors and cytokines, which the body uses to conduct repair and regeneration of soft tissues, as well as form new blood vessels and modulate pain.

Fluid Flow has proven highly effective in treating soft tissue injuries such as tendonitis, bursitis, and plantar fasciitis, as well as arthritic pain (both osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis). A single injection is usually enough to provide lasting relief. You may be sore for a week or so, but thereafter symptoms should continue to improve over the following weeks and months as your body heals.

The amniotic fluid is ethically collected from consenting mothers after scheduled C-sections and poses no harm to mother or child. It is rigorously screened and sterilized for your safety.

Why Come to Us for Foot Pain Management?

Advanced pain management technologies like EPAT and Fluid Flow have many advantages for our patients:

  • They don’t just ease pain. They also stimulate healing, and can even “restart” a stalled healing process for a chronic injury. Instead of taking pills every day, indefinitely, you might be able to greatly reduce or even completely eliminate your need for daily painkillers.
  • They are extremely safe. EPAT and Fluid Flow both have exceptional safety records, with very few if any significant side effects recorded. Certainly, both are much safer than taking powerful drugs or undergoing surgery.
  • They work. These FDA-cleared treatments have shown remarkable results in both clinical trials and in our experience working with our patients. Quite often they’ve helped keep patients out of surgery and, as mentioned above, reduced or eliminated their reliance on drugs for pain management.

When combined with other strategies designed to address the root causes of your foot pain (such as custom orthotics or physical therapy), patients who opt for EPAT or Fluid Flow as part of their treatment plan tend to see a faster return to full activity and longer-lasting results.

Manage Foot Pain

Don’t Let Your Foot or Ankle Pain Control You

As we said at the top of the page—pain is not normal. Don’t shrug it off as simply an inevitable consequence of aging, your job, your hobbies, or any other reason. We will do everything we can to help you manage or eliminate your pain successfully, so that you can have the active lifestyle you desire without compromise.

Call our Oklahoma City office today at (405) 418-2676, or request an appointment online.

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