KeryFlex Aesthetic Nail Treatment

One of the most frustrating aspects of medical fungal toenail treatments for patients is simply how long the process takes. Even after eliminating the last trace of the fungus under the nail, you still have to wait months for the damaged area to grow out and be slowly replaced by new nail.

Well, what if we said you could get your healthy-looking nails back TODAY, in a single quick appointment? That’s what KeryFlex is about.

This is an aesthetic nail restoration procedure that can give you instant cosmetic results while medical treatments are pursued, bypassing months of frustration!

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What Is KeryFlex Nail Restoration?

KeryFlex is a system that allows us to “remodel” a nail that has been warped or damaged—typically by a fungal infection, but also after trauma or other conditions—and restore it to a normal, healthy appearance.

During the procedure, your original nail is debrided and thinned. Then, a new nail is fashioned from a medical grade-resin, bonded to your original nail, and then hardened and cured.

The KeryFlex resin nail not only looks and feels completely natural, but it also offers many significant advantages over other kinds of “artificial nails”:

  • KeryFlex is non-porous and won’t let moisture get trapped between the natural and prosthetic nail. This trapping of moisture is the main reason why simply covering fungal nails with artificial nails is usually a terrible idea that only makes the infection worse, but it’s not a problem with KeryFlex.
  • You can paint your prosthetic nail. Polishes, detergents, and acetones won’t bother it.
  • The medical-grade resin is highly compatible with human tissue, so there’s almost no risk of further irritation or damage to the skin or nails.
  • KeryFlex will not interfere with any medical treatments you may be receiving for a fungal toenail infection.
  • KeryFlex will not interfere with the natural growth of the nail, and can be periodically filed to keep the length in line with other toenails.

The KeryFlex Procedure—What to Expect

The entire process, from start to finish, happens in a single, normal length appointment at our office. It is completely painless.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the procedure.

  • First, we’ll prep your nail by cutting, debriding, and filing it down, leaving a large enough portion of original nail to securely bond to the prosthetic nail.
  • Next, we’ll apply the bonding agent to your nail, then apply a coat of the KeryFlex medical-grade resin.
  • Once the first coat is down, it’s cured under a special UV light for two minutes.
  • Additional coats are applied and cured as necessary until the nail looks and feels just right.
  • Once the nail has been modeled to perfection, it’s buffed, sealed, and cured one last time. That’s it!

Once your nail is complete, you can paint it, file it, and mostly treat it as if it were a natural nail. The only thing we ask you not to do is use toenail clippers on it. File instead to maintain the length.

The KeryFlex nail should last around 8 weeks, or sometimes longer. You can continue to come back for a new application as many times as necessary until your healthy, natural nail has completely grown in.

Is KeryFlex Right for Me?

KeryFlex is a great option for many people who are frustrated or embarrassed by the appearance of a damaged toenail, and simply want to be able to paint their nails, wear sandals, or just enjoy their toenails as quickly as possible.

It’s important to understand that this is an aesthetic treatment only. It does not provide any kind of cure for a fungal toenail infection that may be continuing to damage your nails as they grow in. A medical treatment, such as oral or topical antifungal medications, should be started concurrently.

There are a few contraindications for KeryFlex, including pregnant and nursing women, those with circulatory problems (peripheral vascular disease, arterial insufficiency, etc.), peripheral neuropathy, chronic ingrown toenails, or those with specific allergies.

Our team is happy to help you determine if KeryFlex is right for you—and if so, restore your toenails to a beautiful and healthy appearance right then and there! Give us a call at (405) 418-2676 to schedule a consultation today, or click the button below to request your appointment online. 

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