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At Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma, we use state-of-the-art equipment backed by research every day to provide the highest quality podiatry. Our advanced treatment technologies uphold our commitment to each patient who walks through our door. Learn more about what we offer here at the Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma!

Orthotics and Shoes

If you need support for foot pain, realignment, or injury prevention, the supports we provide include:

  • Arch Supports: Pre-made arch supports are the most common fix for foot problems. You can select and purchase them on the same day of your appointment.
  • Custom Orthotics: Allow for more serious, individualized support. These forms are made in a lab-based on your foot shape measurements and diagnosis and will be ready within a few weeks.
  • Diabetic Shoes: Are designed with extra depth and come in a wide variety of styles that look similar to “ordinary” shoes, and they’re often covered by Medicare and other insurance programs.

Shockwave Therapy

Our main office is proud to offer non-invasive “shockwave therapy,” which uses energy pulses to break up scar tissue and speed up tissue regeneration for acute and chronic injuries. A few brief sessions (often shorter than half an hour) are often more than enough to provide substantial relief, making it a convenient and affordable alternative to surgery.

Fluid Flow

BioLab Fluid Flow is a form of injectable regenerative therapy that has shown great results in helping patients find pain relief and accelerated recovery from soft tissue injuries.

The treatment is made from amniotic fluid found within the placenta, which contains growth factors and other essential materials our bodies need to effectively self-repair. The fluid is injected into the site of an injury or pain for the most direct results.

PADnet Vascular Testing

If you suffer from poor circulation in the extremities, PADnet Testing screens you for peripheral artery disease (PAD), which is common in folks with diabetes, vascular diseases, bypasses or stents, a history of smoking, or are over 65. Schedule a test if any of the above risk factors apply to you; it’s non-invasive and covered by most insurances!

Digital X-Ray

Our digital X-ray system allows us to take in-office pictures to use right away during your first appointment, and you’ll be exposed to less radiation. Visit us for a safer, more convenient procedure that requires fewer visits than conventional film.

TREACE Lapiplasty Bunion Surgery Treatment

Our Lapiplasty tool allows us to surgically correct bunions by realigning the bone back into the correct position without cutting it. We’ll stabilize the troublesome joint with titanium plates, and you’ll be back on your feet within days to weeks, rather than weeks to months.


While X-rays focus on hard tissues like bone, ultrasound allows us to take images of your soft tissues (like tendons or muscles). This procedure is also less painful and more accurate than other diagnostic methods, because of its ability to pinpoint the problem area.

Lab Work

We are able to perform many basic tests and lab work from our office. This, again, provides faster and more convenient service for our patients, sparing them the need to book another appointment and pay an additional copay.

No foot specialist in Oklahoma City is better trained or better equipped to handle your foot and ankle problems. Give us a call or fill out an appointment request form today.

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