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At Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma, we put the latest research and state-of-the-art equipment to work every day in order to provide the highest quality care. Our advanced treatment and technology services are part of our commitment and promise to each patient who walks through our door.

Read on to learn more about what we offer here at the Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma:

Orthotics and Shoes

We provide several different types and styles of orthotics and orthotic shoes to help patients relieve pain, realign foot mechanics, and prevent wounds and injuries:

  • Arch supports. Most people do very well with pre-made arch supports. We carry a selection of brands and styles that we trust, and can select an appropriate set for you during your appointment. You can walk out with them on the same day.
  • Custom orthotics. Some people have more significant foot issues that cannot be adequately addressed with pre-made arch supports. In these cases, we will fit you for custom orthotics, which are specially made based on your diagnosis and precise measurements of your foot shape. These will be made in a lab and be ready for you within a few weeks.
  • Diabetic shoes. Diabetic shoes are designed with additional depth and other features to better protect at-risk feet. They come in a wide range of fashionable styles and generally look no different from “ordinary” shoes at a glance. They are also usually covered by Medicare and other insurance.

Shockwave Therapy

We are proud to offer non-invasive extracorporeal pulse activation treatment (EPAT), often simply called “shockwave therapy,” from the comfort of our main office. This advanced tool uses energy pulses to break up scar tissue, improve circulation and metabolism, and significantly increase the pace of healing and tissue regeneration for both acute and chronic injuries.

A few brief sessions (often shorter than half an hour) are often more than enough to provide substantial relief, making it a safer, quicker, more convenient, and often less expensive alternative to surgery.

PADnet Vascular Testing

Poor circulation in the extremities (peripheral artery disease, or PAD) is a very common and extremely serious problem. Reduced blood flow to the feet greatly increases your risk of serious infections that could lead to amputation, and narrowed arteries throughout the body associated with PAD are linked with higher incidence of heart attack and stroke. Untreated PAD is fatal within five years for nearly 1 in 3 sufferers. Unfortunately, you may not notice any symptoms of PAD even if the problem has become morbidly serious.

PADnet is a simple in-office test we offer patients that can detect the signs of PAD—even when no obvious symptoms are present. It is quick, non-invasive, and covered by almost all insurances (including Medicare). We urge you to schedule a test if you have any of the following risk factors:


  • Over 65
  • History of smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Past bypass or stent
  • Any other vascular disease

Digital X-Ray

Our digital X-ray system allows us to take in-office pictures and use them right away at the first appointment. You don’t need to go get them taken elsewhere, and you don’t need to come back a second time to have your condition explained and set up a treatment plan. Digital X-ray has other advantages, too—they use less radiation and are more likely to take a good picture the first time, making them safer and more convenient than conventional film.

TREACE Lapiplasty Bunion Surgery Technology

Our office is proud to provide Lapiplasty, one of the most advanced treatment options available for bunion correction. The Lapiplasty uses a sophisticated tool to provide a “three dimensional” solution for bunions.

Osteotomies (the most common procedure in use today) featuring cutting and realigning part of the bone across a single plain. However, this does not correct the rotation of the metatarsal bone or the underlying instability in the joint. Thus, the treatment is only partial; symptoms may be relieved, but the problem is likely to return. The Lapiplasty tool, however, allows us to realign the entire bone (sideways, up and down, and rotationally) back into the correct position without cutting it. Titanium plates are then used to stabilize the troublesome joint.

In many cases, patients are back on their feet within days to weeks of their surgery, rather than weeks to months.


We use ultrasound in our office for both diagnostic and treatment purposes. On the diagnostic side, the ultrasound device is often used to generate same-day images of your feet during your appointment, eliminating the need to schedule an off-site test. It is especially useful for evaluating the health of soft tissues like tendons and muscles, which X-rays can’t “see” as well. (X-rays are better for hard tissues like bone).

On the treatment side, the ultrasound machine can also be used to guide steroid injections, biopsies, and other minor procedures. Pinpointing the exact location of the painful, inflamed tissue rather than going in partially “blind” can greatly enhance the effectiveness and safety of such treatments.

Lab Work

We are able to perform many basic tests and lab work from our office. This, again, provides faster and more convenient service for our patients, sparing them the need to book another appointment and pay an additional copay.

No foot specialist in Oklahoma City is better trained or better equipped to handle your foot and ankle problems. Give us a call or fill out an appointment request form today.

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