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During times like these—or at any time, frankly—it’s important that you don’t let preventable, treatable foot and ankle pain keep you from full activity.

Extracorporeal pulse activation therapy (EPAT), also known as shockwave therapy, is one of the most effective, advanced, and affordable treatment options for many painful conditions, including heel pain and Achilles tendinitis. Although it’s an “out-of-pocket” treatment according to most insurance providers, it has a long track record of success and can actually save you a lot of time and money in the long run, simply by fixing your problem so effectively the first time and helping to keep you active and healthy!

That said, we understand that these are very uncertain times for many of our patients, so we want to help make it even easier and more affordable to get the care you need.

Just complete the form on this page and we’ll email you a coupon for $50 off a full shockwave therapy treatment course (regular price $500). Make sure to either print it out or pull it up on your phone when you check in at the front desk before your shockwave appointment.

Not sure if shockwave therapy is right for you? Check out our service page on EPAT to learn more, or give our office a call at (405) 418-2676.

Our staff will follow up with you soon to discuss scheduling an appointment.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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