Shockwave Therapy (EPAT)

In the field of medicine, if you aren’t constantly learning and improving, you’re falling behind and failing your patients.

That’s why we work so hard to keep offering new state-of-the-art technologies and procedures at the Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma, and why we’re proud to be one of the only clinics in the city with extracorporeal pulse activation treatment, also known as EPAT, or more generically “shockwave therapy.”

It’s faster, better, and in most cases actually cheaper than alternative treatments.

An Advanced, Conservative, and Effective Answer to Chronic Pain

So many of our patients come in with chronic pain that they just can’t shake. Heel pain. Shin pain. Tendinitis.

They think they’ve tried everything. Rest. Ice. Stretching exercises. Orthotics. Nothing seems to help. The pain just won’t go away.

Does this describe you? You’re not alone.

And unfortunately, in the past this kind of situation might put you in something of a no-man’s land for treatment. On the one hand, conservative treatments aren’t working, and your body isn’t healing. But on the other, do you really want elective surgery?

But now, thanks to EPAT, we can treat these cases of chronic pain more easily and effectively than ever before. It’s success rate against even the most stubborn chronic injuries has been remarkable.

A Faster Way to Rebound from Sports Injuries

EPAT isn’t just for chronic pain, though. It can also be extremely useful in the treatment of acute traumas, sports injuries, and even for post-surgery rehab.

The technology accelerates your natural healing processes and does not require any medications. You can use it in combination with any other treatments in order to magnify the effects. So if you’re looking to make the fastest possible return to work or play—or you just don’t want to wait—incorporating EPAT into your treatment plan can significantly reduce your recovery time.

How Does It Work?

There are two main components to an EPAT device. The main EPAT machine generates pulses of therapeutic pressure waves, or “shockwaves.” Those pulses are directed through a wire to a hand-held applicator, which distributes the shockwaves deep into your injured tissues.

In your body, these waves stimulate a cascade of natural physiological and biochemical reactions, which serve to “kick start” stalled healing processes and accelerate tissue regeneration:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased metabolism
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Increased release of growth factors

What Can I Expect?

EPAT is non-invasive and does not require any anesthesia, medications, or injections of any kind. You may experience some mild discomfort during the session, but the vast majority of patients tolerate the experience extremely well. We can reduce the intensity of the pressure or take short breaks if you need us to; treatment should never be painful.

A typical treatment course is three sessions in length, with sessions occurring every one to two weeks. Each individual session is very brief—sometimes as little as five minutes, and rarely more than 20. You can work it around your schedule, even on a lunch break!

There is no downtime after the procedure. You’re up, walking, and confidently heading back to work or school right after leaving our office.

The results are cumulative, meaning that each treatment session builds on the ones that came before. This is not temporary relief, like a cortisone shot—this is permanent tissue regeneration. Results vary, but many patients feel noticeable better not long after the first session, and the vast majority (over 80 percent) will experience significant improvement by the end of the treatment course.

As for cost? EPAT may or may not be covered by your insurance. However, the total cost of treatment is typically $600 or less out of pocket. Compared to the financial, emotional, and time cost of surgery and/or repeated trips to the doctor or physical therapist, it’s a pretty good deal.

Is It Safe?

There are virtually no side effects to EPAT—most people can undergo the procedure very safely.

However, there are a few people we would not recommend EPAT for. We may not recommend treatment if you are pregnant, have certain circulatory issues such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), or a malignancy.

Are you ready to get better, faster from chronic pain or a recent injury? EPAT may be just what you need. To schedule an appointment with the Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma, please call us today at (405) 418-2676.

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