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Sometimes we think of ankle pain as a fact of life. It is something that just happens as we get older. Something that we have to learn to live with – or something that will require major surgery to fix. But none of those things are necessarily true.

Professionals at the Foot & Ankle Center of Oklahoma offer expert diagnosis and treatment options to relieve your ankle pain. We can fit you with an ACE knitted ankle support, custom ankle braces (AFOS), or custom orthotics as needed. We use state-of-the-art technology like shock wave treatment, known as EPAT therapy, and can recommend surgery when required. Many of those procedures can be done right here in our office.

What is Causing Your Ankle Pain?

Maybe you know what is causing your ankle pain. Weekend warriors and athletes alike are prone to ankle sprains and perhaps even fractures. Sometimes the wear and tear of walking on unstable joints cause pain, and arthritis can be extremely painful.  

We may need to do x-rays or other tests along with a physical examination to determine the cause of your ankle pain. With a diagnosis, our podiatrist will create a treatment plan for your particular needs. 

Ankle Sprains

Rolling your ankle can happen at any time, even during a game of flag football or just walking down the street. An ankle sprain can cause the ligaments that hold your ankle bones in place to tear or stretch. It will usually cause pain when you put weight on your foot and makes walking difficult. Your ankle will swell and probably bruise.

A sprain is an injury to the soft tissues of the ankle and foot. Often, all that is needed is pain control and non-surgical methods to support the joint as it heals. 


Arthritis is the term for the inflammation and wearing down of the cartilage in our joints. It is often the result of years of overuse or old injuries. It is more common in older people, but that does not mean that you just have to live with the pain and swelling. 

There are ways to help prevent further damage while making your life more comfortable. In some cases, surgery may offer relief. But first, we will try non-invasive techniques to reduce your discomfort. 


Broken bones often look a lot like a bad sprain. X-rays can find broken bones, which will take longer to heal than a simple sprain. Any of the bones in your lower leg and/or foot can be broken if enough force or torque is applied. 

Immobilizing the joint in the correct position for healing is necessary. Complicated fractures may need surgical repair with plates and screws to hold the bones in place.

Flatfoot, Overpronation, or Underpronation

Your foot should not roll when you walk or run. Having high arches or flat feet both cause pronation – or rolling – of your ankle as you move. 

Overpronation is when your foot rolls inward, and underpronation is when it rolls outward. Both make your ankle less stable. Proper footwear and orthotics can stabilize your ankles so that injury is less likely.

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Treatments for Ankle Pain

Now that you have a diagnosis, our team can recommend the proper treatments for your condition. You may be prescribed one or more of these services.


Surgical intervention will rarely be the first suggestion to manage your ankle pain. We can supply you with an array of medical devices that include the following.

ACE Knitted Ankle Support

A properly fitted ACE knitted ankle support gently holds your ankle in the correct position and adds compression to help reduce swelling.

Custom Ankle Braces

Off-the-shelf braces work for many people, but a custom ankle brace will be fitted to your particular foot and leg. When the cause of your ankle pain is complex, a custom brace can address all of your issues and give you the best outcome.

EPAT Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy can stimulate healing using a non-invasive method, done right in our office. Often used to treat sports injuries or in ankle rehab,  it usually requires 3 short treatments that do not require anesthesia. 

Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are inserts for your shoes. They compensate for several foot deformities and can help with back pain, as well as ankle and foot pain. Custom orthotics are made using molds of your feet to get exactly the correction that you need.


For complex ankle injuries and some ankle and foot conditions, surgery may be the best option. Our foot specialists can perform operations at our office, and also have privileges at nearby hospitals. 

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