Heel Pain Ruining Your Run? Take this Advice!

facebooktwitterpinterest405.418.2676Whether you are just starting out or a veteran of the trails, running can develop into something you just don’t want to give up. The inner peace of a steady routine, the rush of endorphins through the body, the satisfaction of new...

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What Types of Orthotics Might Be the Ticket to Relief?

facebooktwitterpinterest405.418.2676Options are good. We’re out of the Henry Ford days when you could get a car in any color—as long as it was black. You can get cars in just about any color you want now, including weirdo-named colors like “Antelope” and “Contusion...

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Taking a Closer Look at Orthotics for Heel Pain

facebooktwitterpinterest405.418.2676Every case of heel pain is unique. It sounds cliché, but it’s the truth. After all, no two people have exactly the same foot shape. And no two people live exactly the same lifestyle. As a result, the precise mix of underlying...

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Why Podiatry Is So Important

facebooktwitterpinterest405.418.2676Admit it: most of the time you probably take your feet for granted. (Don’t feel bad. Sometimes even we do—and we’re foot and ankle experts!) Yet the truth is that feet are a critically important part of your overall health and...

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Why Do My Heels Hurt in the Morning?

facebooktwitterpinterest405.418.2676It’s a story we’ve heard over and over (and over) again. We ask our patient to describe their pain to us. What are your symptoms like? And we get a variation on this story. “Well, doctor, in the morning I cringe just thinking about...

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Diabetes: The Rising Epidemic

facebooktwitterpinterest405.418.2676  Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions, in both the United States and worldwide. More people are living with this disease than ever before in human history. And that epidemic has far-ranging consequences for not only the...

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Diabetic Shoes and Our Office

facebooktwitterpinterest405.418.2676GOT DIABETES? THEN YOUR DIABETIC SHOES ARE COVERED BY INSURANCE! Protect your feet now! We do everything for you. All you need to do is come see us. Almost all insurances cover diabetic shoes including Medicare.  Dr. Darren Elenburg...

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New Year, New Satellite Office

facebooktwittergoogle-pluspinterest405.418.2676The new year is here! If you’re like most people, you’re probably just about through your post-holiday recovery period and now starting to think about the year ahead. Making resolutions. Setting goals. Refocusing on...

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