New Year, New Satellite Office

facebooktwittergoogle-pluspinterest405.418.2676The new year is here! If you’re like most people, you’re probably just about through your post-holiday recovery period and now starting to think about the year ahead. Making resolutions. Setting goals. Refocusing on...

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Your Ingrown Toenail Game Plan

facebooktwittergoogle-pluspinterest 405.418.2676 Whether you’re talking about an athletic competition, job interview, or just about any situation in life where you have a specific goal in mind, it’s always best to go in with a game plan. Sure, that plan might not...

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Treating Heel Pain Has Never Been Easier

facebooktwittergoogle-pluspinterest 405.418.2676 It wasn’t that long ago that treatment for a bad case of heel pain hadn’t evolved much past “take two and call me in the morning.” Like many forms of mild-to-moderate chronic pain, there just wasn’t a lot that could be...

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OKC’s Best Running Circuits

facebooktwittergoogle-pluspinterest 405.418.2676 Whether you run for fun or race to challenge your personal record, Oklahoma City has you covered. Favorable terrain, agreeable weather most of the year, and a packed race calendar make OKC and the surrounding region a...

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How to Make Your Diabetic Neuropathy Worse

facebooktwittergoogle-pluspinterest 405.418.2676 Peripheral neuropathy is one of the most frustrating—and most dangerous—common complications of diabetes. We see a lot of diabetic neuropathy at our office. Unfortunately, many people never come and see us until the...

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9 Great Treatment Options for Heel Pain

facebooktwittergoogle-pluspinterest 405.418.2676 Heel pain can be more complicated than you might think. Some cases go away with just a little TLC at home. Others linger and get worse over time, making daily tasks miserable (if not impossible). There are a handful of...

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7 Things We Want All Patients to Know Before Foot Surgery

facebooktwittergoogle-pluspinterest 405.418.2676 So the doctor is recommending foot surgery. You were hoping for another outcome, of course. But you probably had an idea that this was coming. With the date coming up, you’re starting to wonder: Did I make the right...

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