What to Do if Your Child Gets Plantar Warts

Cute as they are, kids are magnets for all kinds of trouble! One example is warts! If they happen to be on the sole of the foot, they’re known as plantar warts, because they are on the plantar aspect or bottom of the foot.

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Do You Need Sunscreen on Your Feet?

How many times have you gone out for an hour or two without sunscreen, then paid the price for it? Maybe you feel asleep a little too long by the pool, or thought you could squeeze in nine quick holes before the sun got too high in the sky.

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7 Foot Injury Prevention Tips

Summer always brings a burst of activity for kids and adults alike. Whether you’re off to soccer camp, playing some pickup basketball, or simply going for a long run or bike ride, the time couldn’t be better than now.

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5 Conservative Treatments for Bunions

Bunions are an exceedingly common foot deformity. By some estimates, around 3 in 10 adults have a bunion on at least one foot; women are especially vulnerable, and the risk increases steadily with age.

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How to Choose the Perfect Diabetic Shoes

If you have diabetes, you don’t want to let it get to your feet. High blood sugar narrows blood vessels and poisons nerves, and your lower limbs are often the most vulnerable location for damage.

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Prevent Heel Pain at Work with These 6 Tips

From health care and education to aviation, energy, transportation, biotech, hospitality and more, many of Oklahoma City’s major industries require their workers to spend most of their days on their feet.

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